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Equity Undefined

There aren't many people who can be defined by a simple set of words. People are nuanced. People evolve and sometimes people change. So does Equity. Why? Because equity is defined by people. On one hand, definitions can give words to feelings. But being able to identify feeling with words, doesn't change the way we feel nor should it validate or invalidate our feelings.

This self guided course should take around 45 minutes to complete. It is made up of videos and reflection questions to guide you through some equity decisions for your organization or community. We welcome you to complete the questions online or in a separate document. You will not be graded. Though, if you don't do the work, are you actually doing the work?
  • 1- Definitions Explained
  • Reflection Questions 1
  • Benefits Burdens
  • Center the Most Impacted
  • Reflection Questions 2
  • Intent vs Impact
  • Reflection Questions 3
  • Pivot Point & Choice Points
  • Reflection Questions 4
  • Value Racial Justice
  • Reflection Questions 5
  • Equity vs Equality
  • Reflection Questions 6
  • DEI vs Anti Racist
  • Reflection Questions 7
  • Systems Influence
  • Reflection Questions 8
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed