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Equity At What Cost?

This quick course examines the cost of taking on Racial Equity work. Often times people and organizations assume Racial Equity work is "feel good" work. It's not. Racial Equity work is just that... work. The labor is emotional. For white people and those furthest from oppression it is challenging and illuminating. It challenges your values, actions and beliefs. It challenges who you are at your core. For BIPOC, especially those closer to oppression, it is challenging, painful and dangerous. What is the cost to you?

This course should take around 20 minutes to complete. It is made up videos and reflection questions. We welcome you to complete the questions online or in a separate document. You will not be graded. Though, if you don't do the work, are you actually doing the work?
  • Reflection Questions 1
  • Reflection Questions 2
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