Restorative Justice

Equity in Education

In most urban schools across the US, the majority of students are, or soon will be, students of color; yet most educators are white women. Data shows that schools disproportionately discipline and exclude students of color without just cause for subjective reasons and as a result of implicit bias.

You are invited to explore how you are part of the problem and can be part of the solution by examining self-identity, the history of the US school system and concepts such as implicit bias, “micro” aggressions, and white supremacy culture.

We hope you will leave this training with:
> Concrete skills
> Knowledge that bypasses typical “diversity” initiatives in school settings
> Action steps you can take right away to shift your own practice and work toward changing policy / practice in your school and district

This course takes around an hour to complete. It is made up of video segments and reflection questions. We welcome you to complete the questions online or in a separate document. You will not be graded. Though, if you don't do the work, are you actually doing the work?
  • History of Education System
  • Reflection Questions 1
  • Equal Education
  • Reflection Questions 2
  • The Purpose of Restorative Justice
  • Reflection Questions 3
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed