Supplemental Equity Informed Mediation (EIMSU)
Continuing Education
Supplemental Equity Informed Mediation (EIMSU)
This supplemental professional mediation training is designed for mediators who would like to expand their skillset to resolve conflict from an equity-informed lens. This training builds on basic mediation skills and provides an equity analysis...
The 5 W's of Restorative Justice (RJ5WRJ)
Restorative Justice
The 5 W's of Restorative Justice (RJ5WRJ)
What is Restorative Justice? When should you practice it? This introductory course goes over the basics of practicing Restorative Justice. This course should take around 30 minutes to complete. It is made up of a video and reflection...
Equity in Education (RJEIE)
Restorative Justice
Equity in Education (RJEIE)
In most urban schools across the US, the majority of students are, or soon will be, students of color; yet most educators are white women. Data shows that schools disproportionately discipline and exclude students of color without just cause for...
Status Quo Traps (RJSQT)
Restorative Justice
Status Quo Traps (RJSQT)
As Restorative Justice gains popularity it's important to be aware of how the Status Quo can creep in and take over. This course will help to identify some of the most common traps of Restorative Justice. This course should take around 90...
The Sun Model
Training and Facilitation
The Sun Model
The Sun Framework is a visual representation of the effects of organizational values and practices on racial equity outcomes. Using the analogy of the sun’s energy, this course will provide an overview of the sun framework for racial...

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